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To make things easier and more streamlined we have an auto-debit system for fee collection. The fees are paid monthly. You can pay by check auto debit, Visa or MasterCard auto debt. A form is provided in your registration packet. A 3% discount is available if payment for the entire dance year is made in cash or check at the time of registration. Cap pricing may apply. Tuition is non-refundable. The dance year runs September thru June. Check the online registration form for more details regarding tuition.

Make-up Lessons:/Missed Class:

If a pupil is going to miss class, the parent is asked to please call the school.

If the student cannot attend the regularly scheduled class, he or she may attend another similar class with permission of the dance instructor.  No credit is given on tuition for absenteeism.

                     **Due to the limited number of hours for solo, duet & trio lessons, NO makeup lessons will be scheduled.

Dancewear Requirements:

Girls – All combination and ballet dancers must wear black leotards & pink tights.  All students of Charlene’s School of Dance, Inc will wear dance wear which will be fitted and MUST be purchased in our store.  Check with the instructor on requirements for ballet skirts. Hair pulled back into a dancer’s bun and secured. Hip-Hop dancers must wear hip hop dance sneakers and hair in a ponytail.

Boys - shorts and sweats are acceptable.  NO jeans.

Shoes - Please check with the instructor on requirements.  Shoes are the most important tool for a dancer and must be fitted properly, NOT for years to come.  We will be checking all shoes for style number, brand number and fit.   

*THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Cover-up garments must be worn to and from the studio.

   * Please label all dance shoes and attire as we are not responsible for lost items.


Rules and other Information:

1.  No gum

2.  Please leave all valuables at home - Charlene’s School of Dance is not responsible for lost items.

3.  Please be sure to drop off and pick up your children on time.

4.  Parking - please do not park in the apartment lot beside the studio or JSK’s lot. The Charlene’s School of Dance parking lot is directly across from the studio.  Cars cannot park in that area or on the studio’s sidewalk.     

5. Facial and navel piercing must be covered at all times.

During the first few weeks of classes some students may be shifted to other classes to ensure they are dancing with others of similar ability.  If you have questions about placement, please feel free to call the studio to discuss your child with the instructors.

Snow Days: In case of bad weather, the studio will send a text through REMIND (please sign up during registration) and email that specifically states that we are closed. If you miss a class due to bad weather, and we are open, you are considered absent. If we miss classes due to the weather class will be made up at a convenient time for the studio. Closings may also be listed on Facebook and Instagram. 

Photos and videos:  By signing the registration form, you give full rights to the Charlene’s School of Dance and its staff, to use photo or video images of you or your child for promotional purposes of the studio, only. Photos will not be used for any other purpose.

Insurance:   All students are required to be covered by their own insurance, and if an injury occurs, it is understood that the students and their family are responsible for any medical costs.  You dance at your own risk.

Notices:    Please check the message board regularly for upcoming shows, events and important information. The board is located in the lobby. 

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